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You have a passion for something and decided to turn it into a business. Then you think, "What's next"? Just ~Winging it~ won't elevate your business to the level of success you dream of. Instead, you need to build a strong foundation for longevity, create systems & processes to successfully handle higher volume, create a strong marketing plan for consistent sales & profitability and the right mindset shift from "Creator" to "CEO"! It's time to let us help you build your DREAM business today!  

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Learn to create Standard Operating Procedures, clarify your brand story and create multichannel marketing plans to EXPLODE your sales & profitability.


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When you set your business up with an effective business plan, innovative marketing strategies and a solid sales funnel, your business will skyrocket.

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"It just goes beyond what you signed up for!".

The problem many entrepreneurs face while on their business journey is that they need more support than what many people are willing to give. Even when paying for guidance, I was left needing more. I remember all too well getting doors and phones slammed in my face when asking for simple advice. Not here! Our classes and coaching are crafted from empathy, passion & experience. We'll NEVER forget where we started. And we're dedicated to getting you where you dream to go! Welcome home!


What Does Learning Inside the Morris School of Business & Financial Freedom Look Like?


Our courses are simple, self-paced & straight to the point. Choose your course, enroll, implement & get results!



Unlike other programs, our courses won't waste your time. 🚫NO FLUFF! We are obsessed with getting quick transformations for our community.


While under our mentorship, you are fully supported and never alone during your business journey; therefore, your business will grow & thrive beyond your WILDEST DREAMS!

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Business ownership is the key to total FREEDOM!


Are you ready to:

  • Turn your ideas & passion into a successful & profitable business?
  • Set your business up the right way the first time around?
  • Shift your mindset from "Creator" to "CEO"?
  • Scale your business to run even when you're not there?
  • Turn your expensive hobby into a profitable business?

We've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs:

  • Create a legacy that will outlast them!
  • Become the first business owner in their family to start creating wealth that will last for generations to come!
  • Resign from their 9-5 jobs and go full-time in their business.
  • Open the brick-and-mortar store of their dreams! 
  • Take back their time to spend with the ones they love most while enjoying life on their own terms.

We are ready and prepared to do the same for you! Are you ready?


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Choose one of our pre-recorded courses, ebooks or other resources to learn at your own pace and time. Everything is broken down into simple, step by step, instructions for easy learning.


I'm a Baker

Learn more about the Start Small Win Big Academy, the #1 online business school exclusive to the baking industry. 



I don't know where to start

If you are feeling overwhelmed and confused on what step to take next, no worries! That's why we're here. Let's chat!


Level Up Your Business Skills

Curious to know if you are ready to jump into the world of business? Take the BIZ QUIZ to see if you really have what it takes to dive into the world of business ownership!

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We're Rob & Jen Morris


Me and my husband started a bakery business back in 2011, but due to the lack of mentorship and business experience, we ended up filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and was forced to start again from the ground up. We taught ourselves how to write a full business plan and used it to relocate into our dream brick-and-mortar store and grew our bakery into a multiple six-figure national business and brand! 

Now, we use what we've learned throughout our business journey to help entrepreneurs, in any industry, build a strong business foundation to use as an asset to create generational wealth and freedom! So, welcome home!

This virtual learning center is a safe space for you to learn how to go from "Hobbyist" to "CEO"! Whether you have a business idea and don't know where to start, or you're already an existing business owner looking to grow and scale your business, you are in the right place. Happy learning!


"I now have processes in place and a system that works for me and my business and it will now be able to sustain the growth that I'm beginning to see! I'm very thankful for the mentorship Rob & Jen offers as they go beyond what you signed up for."

- Tashana Phillips

" After 20 years of thinking about and starting this business, I'm proud to say that I have a full, complete business plan thanks to you! I am now confident enough to speak to investors about my business because I now know what I'm talking about. I'm finally ready to grow my CPG business!"

- Brenda

"I just thank God for you guys and the presence of you all and the things that you have done and are doing for people like me! We needed mentors like you! I truly appreciate you!"

- Tanndra


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