Who is Rob & Jen Morris?


Rob & Jen Morris started their bakery without a business plan and 4 years later, found themselves in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. When they decided to start over and relocate into their dream brick-and-mortar store, they taught themselves how to write a business plan that they followed to grow into a multiple six figure national business and brand! Six years later they used their business as an asset, invested their profits and was able to retire from the kitchen by the ages of 40 & 42!


Because of their expertise and over 20 years' experience in the food and baking industries as well as their unique perspective and knowledge of business itself, Rob & Jen are now cultivating business savvy entrepreneurs by teaching them core business knowledge to build a strong foundation for growth and sustainability as well as financial literacy for wealth creation and freedom! 


Rob & Jen are passionate business owners on a mission to empower new and inexperienced entrepreneurs to utilize the strengths they already possess, help them align their purpose with their business and give them the necessary tools to start and open a successful and profitable business of their own! They have helped open brick-and-mortar stores all across the US and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs on how to scale their businesses using their optimized systems & processes, proven marketing strategies and mindset coaching.


Jen also has a STEM & STEAM baking initiative inspiring kids in underserved communities to discover a passion for math & science, broadening their horizons to exciting future possibilities in STEM careers that may otherwise seem unattainable. STEM Baking Initiative!


Rob & Jen now live in New Jersey, in a secluded area surrounded by nothing but farmland and nature. When they are not coaching the next top business owners or teaching the youth STEM & STEAM while baking, they are spending their days gardening, building their mini farm, soaking in their hot tub and homeschooling their two teenagers, Robert, who is an aspiring Astrophysicist and Jaye, an aspiring animal Physical Therapist. Needless to say, they keep them very busy! 


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Why We Do It

Entrepreneurship and business were not terms we heard growing up in either one of our households. It was more like, "Go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a good job and retire with a pension".

If someone nurtured my entrepreneurial spirit when I was selling pound cake loafs and iced tea on the corner of my block when I was 9 years old, maybe my business journey would have gone a totally different direction. But it's never too late to take action on your dreams! 

But the one thing we've learned is that the dream is free, but the results you desire to achieve come from education, mentorship and taking action!

That's why we have an insatiable desire to not only help entrepreneurs start a business, but remain present during the entire process to see them through the entire transformation from "Dreamer" to "CEO" so that they set a strong foundation for long term success in business and in life!

Our bakery business was the very catalyst that opened the doors to a whole new life that we never would have known if we didn't take the leap of faith and bet on ourselves! 

And we are here to help you do the same! It's time to bet on YOU!

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